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Management idea
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Our brand meaning:
XIN means “ wealth” in Chinese and refers to the vision of the enterprise. May we, and our stakeholders, thrive and prosper.
JIE , “excellence” points to our goals. A great team, a great company.
YUAN  could be translated as “ flow”. May our hard work and
 continuous efforts lead us to a steady path towards common success.

Our Service Concept: your success, your success ! 

 Effective communication is productivity. We are engaged in listening to your needs and suggestions. 
 Give our professional advice,
 Lead customers after understanding their needs,

 provide the most appropriate solution.


 Our sense of quality:

 One of the things we give the most importance to is the quality of our products so they can reach our costumers highest expectations. Our company is of an ideal size to keep close contact with all our team and make sure the quality standards are met at all levels. And we work with numerous compagnies both in China and abroad ( Imagebooks factory in Holland, Igloobooks in the UK, Ullmann Publishing in Germany, Lannoo in Belgium )

With us you are in close contact with our team at every step and so your satisfaction is optimal